10th Annual Gorrie Elementary Walk-a-thon

Time to get creative and show what Walk-a-Thon means to you! Upload creative projects to your fundraising page on gorrie.dojiggy.com. Win a class party featuring snacks from DOUGH by DATZ !


The Walk-A-Thon is coming up soon - only 17 days away.  


This week we’re getting ready by adding creative projects to our sponsorship pages. The class with the highest percentage of students with a personal project added to their page by this Sunday, Oct. 13, wins a class party featuring snacks from DOUGH by DATZ!


If you haven’t registered already, it’s fast and easy:


1. Go to gorrie.dojiggy.com

2. Click the REGISTRATION link in the upper left corner

3. Fill in the form and click REGISTER


Now you can personalize your page - you can make a video, perform a song or dance, write a poem, make art, do interpretive synchronized swimming - anything that expresses what the Walk-A-Thon means to you.


  • Is it the cool programs we fund, like Gorrie Grows, Movie Night, and the Art Fair?
  • The astonishing number of miles we walk together?
  • The chance to be together with the entire student body showing school spirit?
  • Or something else entirely?


Tell us about it! When your creativity is fully expressed, you can put it on your fundraising page. 


Once you’ve registered, go to gorrie.dojiggy.com, log in, and click on your account (your name in the upper right hand corner).


You can take a picture of your art or writing and click on the PICTURES tab to upload it . Or, make a video of your song, dance, etc. and upload it to YouTube. Then click on the VIDEO tab to upload the YouTube link to your page. We can’t wait to see what you make! Post by noon on Sunday, Oct. 13. Your class could win a party with snacks from DOUGH by DATZ!

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